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I love Glee (A total Gleek) Harry Potter, Starkid & Teen Wolf, Arrow...

I’m a #CrissColfer #Klaine #Seblaine #Niff #Huntbastian #Drarry #Sterek #Willson & #LarryStylinson Shipper ♥

I love Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, Grant Gustin, Nolan Funk, Riker Lynch, Curt Mega, Dylan O’ Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson...

R5 & One Direction are awesome!




it may be a bad thing that I recognized the baby in pencilpushingenthusiast's drawing but that's 100% Klaine's kid




The fact that this is a part of Cory’s last ever scene of dialogue on Glee will never not get me:




glee meme - [1/10] characters: Kurt Hummel

 ”Dad. I have something that I want to say. I’m glad that you’re proud of me. But I don’t want to lie anymore. Being a part of the Glee Club and football has really shown me that I can be anything, and what I am, is, I’m gay.”

@chordover Throwback. I Miss this guy! @marksalling again as Blaine

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